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Elisa Jaffe
Emmy Award-winning journalist who spent 4 impactful decades dedicated to truthful storytelling.

Award-winning journalist Elisa Jaffe is a familiar personality on PNW television and radio. Elisa was a reporter, anchor, manager, and producer. known as a compassionate and relatable straight shooter.

Award-winning journalist Elisa Jaffe is a familiar personality on PNW television and radio. During her 4 decades dedicated to truthful storytelling, Elisa was a reporter, anchor, manager, and producer. Her unique interview skills earned Elisa the position as host and executive producer of Seattle’s longest running live daily TV talk show Northwest Afternoon. Her interviews include 3 presidents, 2 Secretaries of State, dozens of Hollywood legends, music icons, convicted killers, best-selling authors, Olympic gold medalists, and a who’s who of newsmakers. Elisa also hosted the national author interview television program Well Read that aired on PBS stations.

In each broadcast arena whether TV News, Talk, radio, Elisa rose to the top. She anchored drive-time news for KOMO News radio, a talk show on KVI radio, and did reporting and anchoring for NPR affiliate KBIA. She’s earned multiple Emmy Awards and the Edward R Murrow Award. Elisa is a NATAS NW Silver Circle inductee for serving more than 25 years in the broadcast industry and for her extensive public service, leadership, mentoring, and professional accolades. Elisa volunteers regularly for several non-profits including Seattle Crisis Connections and Youth Eastside Services.

Mental health challenges in her family prompted Elisa’s passion for organizations that help individuals affected by mental illness, addiction, or trauma. With grace and humor, Elisa candidly shares her personal experiences at public speaking engagements. During a breast cancer diagnosis, she found art as a comforting way to channel feelings and painting is now an important part of her life. Elisa is known to audiences as a creative, compassionate, positive, witty, and relatable straight shooter who’s turned life’s hurdles into opportunities for growth.


The Art of the Interview

Whether interviewing former President Jimmy Carter, director Steven Spielberg, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, or child killer Diane Downs, veteran broadcast journalist Elisa Jaffe mastered skills that help her and can help you through the most difficult and high-pressure conversations. What do you do when there’s silence? How do you get people to open up so you can find out more about them? When do you know you’ve crossed a line? Elisa shares trade tips and interview insights that will make a difference when you sit down for your next interview or discussion.

Overcoming Obstacles

On the outside, everything appears impressive and perfect, family, career, finances. She’s been on ABC News, CNN, PBS. But TV talk show host and broadcaster Elisa Jaffe was good at forging through fears and keeping up a veneer of strength. Elisa shares how a childhood trauma shaped her career and fear of success. She withstood crushing attacks from managers and TV viewers and went on to win scores of Emmy Awards. But Elisa’s own inner critic often drowned out the accolades. Elisa shares how switching jobs helped save her son’s life, how a pink slip helped her find love, and the recent health scare that ignited a new passion.