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Steve Bunin
A former anchor at ESPN, and founder of Steve Bunin Executive Communications.

A multiple Emmy Award winner. Former anchor at ESPN and KING-TV, and now Executive Communications Leader and high school basketball coach.

As a five-time Emmy winner and sixteen-time Emmy nominee, Steve Bunin has the rare expertise in communications that you’re looking for.

As a news anchor, Steve covered the biggest stories and interviewed everyone from members of Congress to business leaders and inspirational volunteers. From the pandemic and politics to Wall Street and religion, crime and entertainment, and everything else in the current news landscape, he demonstrated a unique ability to condense even the most complicated topics into simple language that anybody can understand.

As a sports anchor, Steve rose to the top of the profession, spending nearly a decade as an anchor at ESPN. He was recognized nationally for his versatility and his ability to connect with the audience.

It wasn’t easy; over the course of his career, he moved thirteen times in nine years to get there, once doing a broadcast with an IV needle in his arm. Now, he’s passing that experience and knowledge on to you. Not the needle.

The insights and lessons Steve learned through the good and bad times in a volatile industry will provide an invaluable roadmap for successful communication and results within your company.

Steve is the founder of Steve Bunin Communications. He lives in the Seattle area and, as a follower of his passions, is also a high school basketball coach.


Communication and Your Company Culture

Steve will share his personal story of perseverance to make it to the top of the cutthroat world of television, the people who propped him up and held him back along the way, and how you can implement those lessons into your business.